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Setting up a new job in FabSuite Project Management is easy.  I like to think of the Project Management module setups in the same way as I set up my three ring binders as a project manager. The first page in the binder was always a project information sheet, which included the entire list of project contacts. This project information sheet had the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails for each company contact with which we would be exchanging correspondence. I would also insert divider tabs for Transmittals, RFI’s, Change Orders, Contract, Billing, Correspondence and Schedule, inserting all applicable documents for each category.

The FabSuite Project Management Module is set up in much the same way as my old job binder, and is designed to manage all of the paperwork for the duration of the job.  When adding a new job in Project Management, we start by entering the job number, job name and location, and then we can select our contacts.  After the initial data is saved, the window view changes to display the selection tabs which are used for correspondence management and storage.  Using FabSuite to manage all the paperwork saves a huge amount of time and effort!

The Project Management job may be set up as soon as you have a new project, and may be later linked to Production Control.  When linked, Project Management and Production Control share data, and as Production Control materials are sent to Purchasing, Project Management then will see data in Purchasing and Inventory through the Project Summary report and in Project Scheduling.  The Estimating and Combining jobs may also be linked to a Project Management job, offering a complete view of all activity and comparisons for materials.

We will work on some basic Project Management items for:

  • Adding a new Project Management job
  • Selecting and adding companies and contacts
  • Overview of the Project Management tabs

Start by adding a new Project Management Job.  Click the tab for Project Management at the top center of the FabSuite window, opening the ‘Select Project Management Job’ window.








Click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom, opening the ‘Project Management Add’ window.  Enter the Job number, job description, location and customer P.O. number.  Job numbers are the only item which may not be changed after the window is saved.  You will have to delete the job and start over if you have made a mistake with the job number.

Job Group – You may enter or select a Job Group for use with filtering your jobs in the ‘Select Project Management Job’ window.  Review the left side list in the screen shot for the Select Project Management Job window for ideas.  The drop down lists for ‘Group Name’ and ‘Group Name 2’ in the ‘Project Management Add’ window will show previous job entries, or simply enter the name for a new group.  These fields for Job Group may be left blank; you do not have to use them to enter a new job in Project Management.

Drawing Setups – Use Drawing Setups to select a specific drawing numbering system.  Use Logical Sort for keeping drawing numbers in a logical order, placing drawing 10 after 9 instead of 1, 10, 2, etc. as computers tend to do.






Drawing File Prefix/Suffix – It is easiest when drawing names are just the drawing number, as you may leave these fields blank.  When the drawing name has other data included, use the fields for Prefix and Suffix to cancel that data.  For example, when there is ‘Shop-A10-Job2014’ for a drawing name (separated here by a dash ‘-‘).  All data before the drawing number is considered the ‘Prefix’, after the drawing number is the ‘Suffix’.  For example, when only ‘A10’ is to show as the drawing number in the drawing log, enter ‘*-‘in the Drawing File Prefix and then ‘-*’ in the Drawing file Suffix.  The ‘*’ or ‘asterisk’ cancels out whatever is before and after the drawing number.

Update Production Control Approval Status – Click to checkmark this box to have FabSuite automatically update the drawing approval status to the linked Production Control job.  When this box not checked, be sure to do approval updates manually in Production Control.  Click ‘OK’ when finished, returning to the Project Management Add window.

Add Firm – Use the ‘Add Firm’ to select a ‘Firm Type’ to add.  Firm Types are Address Book filters which allow users to minimize the list of contacts to scroll thru when making a selection.

Click to select a Firm Type and you will return to the ‘Project Management Add’ window.  Select a contact for that firm type.  To see the available selections for the Firm Type, click the down pointing arrow to the right of the field.  To add a firm or make changes, click the ‘Edit’ button to open the Address Book.  Think of this process as adding all of the job specific contact information which will be needed for sending and receiving data on the job.






While in the ‘Address Book’ window, click the Address Book drop down, and then click to select ‘Firm Types’ to open the description window:






When completed with adding contacts, click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the ‘Project Management Add’ window, changing the view to include all of the document tabs.  Users may now add drawings, transmittals, RFI’s, Change Orders, Journal Entries, Task List, Check List, Contract and Invoicing information, Project Schedule and view the Project Summary report.  Each one of the header names are tabs, click on them to open that window for data entry.









This is a new Project Management job, so all of the tabs currently show a ‘0’ after the header name representing the quantity of documents.  As you use Project Management and begin to add documents to the Drawing Log or Transmittals, for example, the number of drawings and transmittals you have made will show in place of the ‘0’, and the entry number with a date will list below each header.

There is much you can do in Project Management! Future blogs postings will be provided to describe the use for each feature moving forward – but please, feel free to pop in there, take a look, and do a little experimenting!  You might review the user manuals available from the ‘About’ window. Click ‘About’ in the upper left of the FabSuite window, then click to select ‘PRJ v162’ or ‘PRJ Maintenance v162’ in the field for ‘Open User Manual’.  Click an index item to jump to the page.  Hit the ‘Home’ key on the keyboard to return to the beginning.

To recap we have reviewed these basic Project Management items for:

  • Adding a new Project Management job
  • Selecting and adding companies and contacts
  • Overview of the Project Management tabs

Next up: Adding drawings in the drawing log – !


Written By Kerri Olsen

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