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Working in Project Management Transmittals is up for this week – Sending and Receiving Transmittals in FabSuite provides easy drawing management and reporting.  FabSuite keeps all the records for you, minimizing the amount of work users need to do for tracking data.  Once you get the hang of it, using FabSuite Transmittals is a wonderful project management tool!

We will review the following:

  • Making a new Transmittal
  • Attaching drawings to the transmittal
  • Receiving drawings returned from approval
  • Reports

Open the Project Management job and then click on the tab for Transmittals:

Click ‘New’ to begin, you will find that button at the bottom left of the window.  The Transmittal number field will auto-populate with the first number, and then with consecutive numbers in the future.

The Date field will auto-populates with the current date.  Click the down pointing arrow to the right of the field to change if needed.  The field for ‘Recipient’ displays the contact selections created in the Project Management window.  The contacts originate from the Address Book.  When needing to send a transmittal and the selection is not available in the ‘Recipient’ drop down, click the red ‘X’ at the top right to close the transmittal window, returning to the Project Management screen, and then add the contact. If unfamiliar with adding contacts – go back to the blog for Project Management – Adding a new job.

Any title may be typed in the ‘Title’ field.  For this entry, we are using ‘Drawings for Approval’.  Select an option for ‘Sending’, either ‘Enclosed’ or ‘By Separate Cover’.  We are attaching the approval drawings with this transmittal, so our selection is then ‘Enclosed’.  For ‘Type’, options are ‘To be Returned’ or ‘For Issue Only’.  We are using ‘To Be Returned’, as these attached drawings are for approval.  Selecting ‘To Be Returned’ alerts the program to track the document by ‘Return Date’ which is entered near the bottom of the window input side.

The field for ‘Items’ has a drop down list which pulls from the ‘Transmittal Item Maintenance’ in Project Management Maintenance:










The field for ‘Purpose’ has a drop down list which pulls from the ‘Transmittal Purpose Maintenance’ list in Project Management Maintenance.  Use the window to add new, return to the Transmittal to select and add.









The field for ‘Standard Text’ pulls from the Project Management Maintenance window for ‘Transmittal Standard Text Maintenance’.   Use the window to add new, return to the Transmittal to select and add.









Any data may be typed into the open fields for ‘Sent By’, ‘Copy To’, and ‘Remarks’.

When using the ‘To Be Returned’ type, be sure to add a return date at the bottom.  You will get a pop-up message to add a return date when this field is left blank.  The down pointing arrow opens a calendar, just click to select a date.  When finished, click the ‘Add’ button at the bottom, adding the Transmittal to the list.  We are now ready to add saved drawings from the drawing log.

Click on the Transmittal item in the list and notice that the button for ‘Drawings’ becomes available.  The ‘Drawings’ button is grayed until a transmittal has been clicked. The ‘Select Drawing’ window opens.

Move drawings to the included side and click ‘OK’.

Returning to the Transmittal window, you can find the added drawings listed at the bottom right.

Click the transmittals drop down to select ‘View Selected Transmittals’ which opens the highlighted transmittal.








Click to checkmark ‘Combine Drawings’ which groups the drawings.  Click to checkmark ‘Show Company Logo’ if you have one.  Click ‘View’ to see the Transmittal you will be sending.  You may also Print or email the selected Transmittal.   When emailing, be sure to check that the selections for ‘Attach Drawing Files’, ‘Compress Drawing Files’ and ‘Attach PDF export of the Transmittal’ have been checked.  The default email program is Microsoft Outlook.  The recipient will auto-populate with the Transmittal selection for recipient.  Additional recipients may be included.  When ready, click the ‘Email’ button, which then opens the email with the PDF attached.

The date of the Transmittal will show as the date sent in FabSuite.  To receive drawings back from approval, return to the Transmittal window, click to highlight the transmittal that the drawings were sent out on, and then click the ‘Add Drawings’ button at the bottom, opening the ‘Select Drawings’ window.  Click to highlight the drawings being returned, and then click the ‘Receive’ button at the bottom.  Select a ‘Date Returned’, and then select the ‘Approval Status’.  Click ‘OK’.








The returned drawings will then be noted in FabSuite.  The drawings will be updated in the Drawing Log.  Returning to the Detail Drawing log window, the retuned information auto-populates to the right.

Be sure to take some time to review the Reports – click the Transmittal drop down and select ‘Reports’ to open the selection window.   The filter window opens first, when not setting any filters, click ‘Make Report’ at the bottom.










Notice that the box for ‘Transmittals’ is checkmarked in the Project Management Report Filter window.  The ‘Report on’ selections auto-populate based upon the section of Project Management in which you are working.  You may check mark any of the other boxes for Fabsuite to show those report types.

Review the reports to find the ones you would like best.

We have reviewed the following:

  • Making a new Transmittal
  • Attaching drawings to the transmittal
  • Receiving drawings returned from approval
  • Reports

You can be up and running with this on your first job.  Give it a try  – set some overdue returns to see the reporting and the Overdue Notice that FabSuite has.  Using the Transmittal to send and receive drawings saves lots of time and effort with tracking!

Next up:  Project Management Setups – Journal Entries.


Written by Kerri Olsen

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