FabSuite Workflow – Sending Out a Transmittal With Attached Drawings

Last time we imported the shop detail drawings into the Project Management job.  To ensure that the shop detail drawings may opened in Production Control by double-clicking on the material list items, we checked our link between Production Control and Project Management.  To ensure that shop drawings may be opened by FabSuite Go (Remote Link) users, we verified the Drawing Number and Input Type match between Production Control and Project Management.  By verifying this enabled functionality, users will enjoy the program ease of use as intended.

Moving right along with sending shop detail drawings out for approval as our next step after getting the drawings imported into Project Management, we will work on the following:

  • Adding a new transmittal
  • Attaching drawings to the transmittal
  • Sending out through Outlook
  • Receiving returned approval drawings

To begin, open the Project Management window.  Click on ‘Transmittals’ to enter the transmittal module.  Here the cover sheet data is created, and documents may be attached to the transmittal and emailed.  This activity is then recorded for reports.

Click ‘New’ to enter your first submittal number.  Click the down pointing arrow for the ‘Date’.  Click on the calendar date.  Next, select a ‘Recipient’.  This selection will show the list of available firms entered into the Project Management window.   The recipient contact automatically populates with the default selection.  When other selections are available, click the down pointing arrow to view and change.

Title – Use this field to enter the Transmittal top text.  This is a free-form data entry field, and will appear in the top center of the completed Transmittal sheet.

Sending – Use this field to indicate if the documents are ‘Enclosed’ (attached) or will be sent separately.

Type – Use this field to indicate if the attached documents are ‘To be returned’ or are for ‘Issue only’.  The ‘To Be Returned’ selection will activate the ‘Return Date’ field at the bottom of the data input side, where a calendar date may be selected.  This date will appear on the reports for the drawing log history.

Items – Use this selection to enter the items being transmitted.  The Select Items list is made in the ‘Transmittal Item Maintenance’ window found in Maintenance -> Project Management -> Transmittal Item Maintenance.

Select and click ‘OK’.  The next window for ‘Purposes’ opens automatically.

Purpose – Use this field to enter the purpose for sending the drawings.  The list of Purposes is the ‘Transmittal Purpose Maintenance’ window found in Maintenance -> Project Management -> Transmittal Purpose Maintenance.

Click ‘OK’ to enter the selection to the transmittal, returning to the Transmittal window.

Sent by – Enter the name of the person sending the Transmittal.

Copy To – Enter the name of a person this transmittal is to be copied or leave blank.

Remarks – Any Entry may be put in remarks, or you may leave blank.

Standard Text – Use this field to enter any Standard Text.

This ‘Standard Text’ field is designed to be used with the ‘Transmittal Standard Text Maintenance’ window, so anything which may be often used is entered in the maintenance window for later selection.

The ‘Transmittal Standard Text Maintenance’ window is found in Maintenance – > Project Management – > Transmittal Standard Text Maintenance.

Return Date – Click on a calendar date to indicate the required return.  The return date is then tracked in FabSuite, so when drawings are not returned into FabSuite by the due date, those items will then be listed on an Overdue Drawings report, available for you to send to your customer or client.

And that’s it!  You are done with making the transmittal cover sheet – click ‘Add’ and see the entry appear in the list! – Notice that while you are making the cover sheet only the buttons for ‘New’ and ‘Add’ are available.

This is because you are in Add mode.

To get to Edit mode, which then will allow you to attach your drawings, click on the transmittal item in the list.  All buttons are now available!  Click on the ‘Drawings’ button to open the ‘Select Drawings’ window:

Double click on the left side ‘Not Included’ drawings to move them to the ‘Included’ side on the right.  The center arrows may also be used to move drawings from one side to the other.  The single pointing arrows move items one at a time.  The double pointing arrows move items all at once.  You may also select by groups while holding down the ‘shift’ key, or hold the ‘control’ key to click select, then use the single right pointing arrow to move. Click ‘OK’ when finished with making selections, returning to the Transmittal window.

Congratulations!  You now have a transmittal with drawings attached!  When using Outlook, you may send this out by email right from here.  When not using outlook, you may export a copy of your transmittal and detail drawings to your desktop folder and attach to your email message from there.  Your reporting for sending the transmittal will remain with the date/time stamp of the document in FabSuite.

To email right from Fabsuite using Outlook, click the ‘Transmittal’ drop down, then click to select ‘Email Selected Transmittal. The ‘Email Transmittal’ window opens.


Notice the check marked boxes for ‘Attach Drawing Files’, ‘Compress Drawing Files’, ‘Attach PDF of the Transmittal’.  Outlook, after you have ‘allowed access’, will open an email page ready for you to enter a message and send, with the Transmittal and drawings already attached.  Go ahead and try it!

Now that drawings have been sent, the clock starts ticking for that return approval.  Be sure to check out the list of reports which relate to Transmittals and Drawings, which provide tracking for all of the sending and receiving activity!  Speaking of receiving – the question now is, how are drawings received in FabSuite?

When return approval drawings are received, you then need only to indicate the received date in the Transmittal select drawing window.  Return to Transmittals, and then click to highlight the transmittal which has the attached drawings.  Click the button for ‘Drawings’ at the bottom, opening the selection window.

Select drawings:

Click to highlight the drawing group which is being returned, and then click the ‘Receive’ button.  In the ‘Receive Drawings’ window, you may then enter the date returned, and the approval status. Click ‘OK’.  When drawings are to revise and resubmit, select those drawings separately, click ‘Receive’, checkmark the Re-Submit box, click OK’.

The record keeping is automatic, and you may go to ‘Reports’ to see that send/receive data in the ‘Drawing Issue History’ report.

Now you know how to send a transmittal with drawings attached right out of FabSuite.  You may then receive those drawings upon approval return, generating that record for reporting.  In summary, we have reviewed the following:

  • Adding a new transmittal
  • Attaching drawings to the transmittal
  • Sending out through Outlook
  • Receiving returned approval drawings

Next time we will review adding revised drawings to the drawing log, how to set shop issue for those drawings, and will return to the Project Schedule to see the level of completion for detailing by the approved shop drawing issue.  See you then!


Written By Kerri Olsen


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