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Bill Issler

President & CEO

Leveraging 20 plus years of experience in his family’s steel detailing business, Bill ventured out on his own to launch FabSuite in 2000. Having led the development and marketing of automated steel detailing software, Bill had first hand knowledge of the challenges that faced steel fabricators, and a vision for applying technology to address those challenges.

Throughout its progression from the early versions to the current state, Bill has constantly pushed for FabSuite to be the highest value platform available. Easy to use, feature rich, fairly and competitively priced. Bill has infused FabSuite with the notion that we are not just vendors to our customers, but rather partners, working hand in hand to improve the operations and ensure the success of our clients.

Business Development Team

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Diana Larson

Client Care Manager

In her role as Client Care Manager, Diana is very much the face of FabSuite to our clients. Always advocating for your needs, Diana’s mission is to ensure a smooth implementation and responsive on-going care for each and every client.

The daughter of Gunther Baresel, past president of NISD and co-founder of Baresel Corporation, which grew to become one of California’s largest detailing companies, Diana has an extensive background in the steel construction industry including positions as Controller and President at Baresel.

Diana has been a key contributor at FabSuite since 2010. She was instrumental in developing our Video Training Series, worked in sales for both domestic and international markets, and defined and instituted the Client Care Manager role.

Outside of work, Diana enjoys travelling with her husband and dogs, reading, gourmet cooking (especially when her husband is doing the cooking) and fine wine.

Todd White

Account Manager

Todd has been a key member of the FabSuite team from the earliest days, and has a comprehensive understanding of the platform and the benefits that it provides to fabricators and detailers in the steel industry. As Account Manager, Todd consults daily with industry professionals, showing them what software automation can do for their businesses.

Todd’s history spans virtually every aspect of the company as FabSuite grew, contributing in the support and training areas, as well as helping develop our sales processes as the software matured and our organization grew. His previous experience as a Corporate Trainer with Adelphia Communications and his broad knowledge of technical fields make him well suited to this role at FabSuite.

Todd is also an accomplished photographer and a dedicated family man. Todd comments: “I have two girls, two boys, two blonds, two red-heads, two right handed, and two left handed. God blessed me with a new child every three years whether I needed one or not.”

Mark Colk

International Business Development Manager

Mark’s background is primarily in the CNC machine structural processing side of the industry. He has lived and worked outside of the UK for almost 30 years living in many Asian countries including the UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia. He has also spent a number of years in the USA. His wide experience in international trade coupled with his industry knowledge makes him a very valuable team member to assist FabSuite in our efforts to introduce our product around the globe.

Together with his wife and two children, Mark lives in Penang, Malaysia, which has been their home for the last 21 years.

Marta Franca

Business Development – Latin America

After completing a Business Degree at Derby University and a Master’s Degree in International Marketing at University of Zaragoza, Marta began her career in the steel industry. She has proven to be very successful at developing businesses in the sector. Her abilities and skills are a perfect fit at FabSuite.

Marta is an enthusiast for helping businesses meet and exceed their goals at every level. She has earned a great deal of respect within the industry and everybody that meets her not only receives exceptional advice and support, but friendship.

Outside of work, Marta likes traveling and exploring new cultures around the world. She also enjoys running and loves salsa dancing.

Nicole Burns

Client Coordinator

Nicole joined FabSuite in September of 2016 as a part of the Sales Team but quickly found her niche in assisting the team in our Client Care Department as Client Care Coordinator. She is a graduate of Rowan University with a BA in Arts focusing on Jewelry and Metalworking. She brings an extensive background in customer service as well as operations. Nicole was introduced to FabSuite while working for a fabricator as an Estimating Admin/Receptionist where she was tasked with implementing the program.

When she’s not tackling needs for our clients she enjoys the great outdoors; rock climbing, hiking, biking etc. She is also an accomplished craftsman, sewist and knitter/crocheter creating beautiful items for herself, friends and family.

Brandon Thompson

Client Coordinator

Brandon comes to FabSuite with a diverse professional background including Emergency Medicine, Organ Donation and Sales. Brandon joined the Business Development team to assist with Account Management in the US.

An avid outdoorsman and voracious reader, Brandon most enjoys time with his family and friends.

Likes: Cooking, cycling, sunshine, the beach, learning new things and gardening.

Training & Support Team

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Jeff Smith

Client Services Manager

As head of our Client Services Department, Jeff manages the efforts of our talented training and support specialists to ensure best in class service for our clients, and he has been instrumental in defining our Regional Training and Certification programs.

Joining FabSuite in 2010, Jeff brings over 20 years experience spanning virtually all aspects of the steel fabrication industry including Estimating, Detailing, Project Management, and Production Control. In his last posting Jeff also managed all aspects of the IT infrastructure – skills that transferred smoothly to his duties at FabSuite.

Jeff also works actively in both the training and support roles, and he is often called upon to help out on the more challenging implementation issues that come up from time to time.

Jeff has travelled extensively, both domestically and internationally, to share his expert knowledge of FabSuite. When asked about this aspect of his work Jeff says: “I really love the travel, although not the trip. Experiencing the different cultures has just been, well, I don’t know… awesome?”

Dale McElroy

Training & Support Specialist

What can we say about Dale… He is a Marine. In 22 years of active service, he has been an aviation electronics technician, electronics instructor, aircraft maintenance manager, quality assurance manager, classified materials custodian, quality assurance and control advisor to the Navy and Marine Corps aviation fleet, and was trained to promote a culture of process improvement (TQM, TQL, lean, six sigma, TOC) at each level of his service.

For the last seven years in the steel fabrication industry, he has managed the maintenance of a facility and all equipment, implemented an AISC certified quality management system, implemented automated machines and processes including bar coding, provided training on new systems and programs, served as a project manager, managed quality assurance and provided internal IT support.

He came to Fabsuite in search of a broader opportunity to serve the steel fabrication industry and continue to develop as a leader who cares about the success of all those he works with.

He is community minded and is an active member of the VFW, American Legion and the Knights of Columbus.

Kerri Olsen

Training & Support Specialist

Kerri brings her extensive and varied expertise in steel fabrication to bear when working with our clients in on-site or web-based training.

Starting out as a receptionist and bookkeeper’s assistant for a steel fabrication shop, Kerri’s capacity quickly grew as she worked her way through positions as Steel Estimator, Purchasing Agent, Sales Engineer, Project Manager, Operations Manager, VP of Sales, and VP of Manufacturing. Always moving forward, Kerri went on to create her own businesses providing steel estimating and detailing services.

Kerri is also a talented writer and speaker. She has presented at education sessions for NASCC, and has contributed articles to NISD Connection, Modern Steel Construction, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, and ENR Magazine. Kerri is the founder of The Fabricator’s Resource, an online publication for fabricators, and she is the author of the book Commercial Steel Estimating published by Industrial Press, Inc.

Danielle Rickmond

Training & Support Specialist

Danielle has worked in the Construction Industry for over 12 years with experience in general construction, electrical and structural. She started working in structural steel in 2011 and feel head over heels in love with it. Danielle worked in the Accounting Department, but quickly become knowledgeable in all aspects of FabSuite, from Estimating to Project Management to Purchasing.

Best part about being a trainer for Danielle is seeing the client’s face when they understand the program better and realize new ways of using FabSuite!

When not traveling for work, Danielle can be found traveling for her children sports and activities. When the whole family has a weekend home they enjoy the beach and fishing together!

Charles Todd

Training & Support Specialist

Joining FabSuite in 2015, Charles brings a strong background in estimating to FabSuite.

Charles’ background working for steel suppliers, steel detailers, and steel fabricators give him broad experience in the industry. That experience coupled with a love for teaching makes Charles a highly sought after trainer.

In addition to his work, Charles enjoys spending time with his family and giving back to the community through youth counseling.

Ricardo Reyes

Training & Support Specialist – Latin America

Ricardo holds a degree in Computer Science and Accounting. He began as a systems analysis for a coal mining company before making the transition to steel fabrication. He worked at a steel fabrication shop in Talcahuano, Chile for 28 years where his duties included many functional areas from Informatics to Production to Detailing Engineering and finally Operations.

Combining a background working in the steel fabrication industry with knowledge of software technology, Ricardo joined the FabSuite team in 2013 focusing on supporting the rapid growth of steel fabrication in Latin America.

“I feel very good to be part of FabSuite team because I like this kind of job and challenges that it brings.”

Daniel Lopez Torres

Training & Support Specialist

Daniel Lopez has a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Manufacture Systems, he has been working by 10 years in the steel fabrication industry and the last 7 he worked in one of the biggest shops in Latin America as a supply manager and then as Production Manager.

He was a FabSuite user that now is helping others to save time and effort on the daily operations.

When Daniel is not working, he loves to spend time with his women (3 daughters and his wife) as well as singing and dancing to all types of music.

Charlie Cox

Technical Support Specialist

Charlie Cox brings nearly twenty years of experience in the Steel Fabrication Industry to FabSuite, having worked at companies like Macuch Steel in Augusta, GA, where he was their Purchasing Manager and Director of Information Management. He also worked at Owen Steel Company where he managed their Inventory and was their Senior Business Analyst, developing a cutting edge Automated Data Collection system for their shops.

Capitalizing on his nearly 34 years in the US Army Reserve, Charlie chose to reenter the software side of the steel business after his last deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom in Nov 2013.

Wm. B. ‘Duke’ Whiteside

Technical Support Specialist

Call him Duke. Everyone does. Duke has been using FabSuite software for as long as there has been FabSuite software, so he knows what he is talking about when you ask him for help. Duke is our lead support specialist.

Having worked in construction his entire life, Duke has done every job there is in steel fabrication and erection from laborer all the way up to Operations Manager. Duke has had several articles published in industry publications as well as having lectured on steel fabrication, management, and construction. You will be hard pressed indeed to find someone more experienced and more knowledgeable in the industry.

In addition to construction, Duke has served as a law enforcement officer and drug enforcement officer. He even earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Southern Christian University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude, while still working a full time job. He has contributed his time as a foreign missionary with his church to build children’s homes and free clinics in South Africa, Haiti, and South America.

When asked what he likes most about his job, Duke said “I really enjoy it when a client comes to me with a challenge and I can help them solve it. I also enjoy helping fabricators make their operations more efficient and effective. Nothing is better than seeing an operation become more functional and cost effective.”

Software Development Team

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Ryan Vander Plaats

Product Manager

The role of Product Manager combines Ryan’s passion for the steel fabrication industry with a willingness to understand and, ultimately, serve FabSuite users. By interacting with FabSuite clients, team members, and industry experts, he translates user suggestions into meaningful programming for the Development Team.

Ryan began his career with FabSuite as a Trainer. The majority of his most enlightening moments in the industry have come from logging thousands of onsite hours, tackling the most difficult scenarios with clients. Prior to joining FabSuite, he spent over a decade at Synergy Steel Structures on the south side of Chicago, where he did a bit of everything as an internal IT guy, detailer, quality assurance manager.

In his off time, Ryan enjoys distance running and hiking. As his wife would attest, many of his longest hikes border on compulsion. He also likes fishing, family, and football.

Adrian Matlack

Software Development Manager

Like many programmers, Adrian was fascinated by computers from an early age. Unlike many programmers, Adrian is an average, normal person free from the geek syndrome that afflicts many who live inside the high tech world of computers.

Average and normal simply don’t apply, however, when describing Adrian’s ability to bring a theoretical concept into reality in the form of a software application.

Adrian came to FabSuite shortly after graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Computer Science. His talent as a developer is what breathed life into the vision held by founder Bill Issler.

Today Adrian leads a team of dedicated, talented programmers working to continually improve and expand the FabSuite product line.

When not coding, Adrian enjoys spending time with his young family. He is also an accomplished woodworker and athlete, enjoying running and swimming.

Amy Davis

Software Developer

Amy is a talented software developer highly regarded in the industry, particularly for her talents in the world of integrations. Holding a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, Amy got her start in the industry working as a developer for Design Data.

Joining FabSuite in 2012, Amy is the lead developer focused on our integrations with third party hardware and software. With her industry experience and diverse background, Amy has proven to be a valuable addition to FabSuite.

When not coding, Amy can usually be found with her family. She and her husband, along with their five children, enjoy home schooling, mini-hobby farming, and are active in their church and community.

Jeff Keith

Software Developer

Jeff joined the FabSuite team as a Web Developer in 2016. It was only at the age of 26 years old did Jeff go back to school for Information Technology to become a Web Developer.

Before his days as a Web Developer, Jeff was in the hospitality industry were he started as a cook and worked his way up to a Food and Beverage Manager. He started getting burned out from the long hours and it was then when he decided to go back to school. He remembers making his first web page and how cool it was to see lines of code turn into something that could be viewed by lots of people and maybe even help them. Jeff has been a Web Developer ever since and could not be happier.

And now Jeff gets to cook all the time with no stress and a smile on his face!

Operations Team

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Diana Banyai

Operations Analyst

Joining FabSuite as an administrative assistant in 2009, Diana’s responsibilities have grown in lock step with FabSuite’s growth. Today Diana brings her strong analytical and critical thinking skills to bear on the myriad back office projects and behind the scenes systems that keep a company like FabSuite running smoothly.

Diana holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Classical Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek) with a concentration in Applied Physics. Yes, you read that correctly. Do not attempt to argue with someone who has mastered both the humanities and science!

An accomplished tri-athlete in recent years, Diana today enjoys running, surfing, and skydiving when not working or caring for her young family.

Brenton Gorman

Information Technology Director

As one might suspect, a software development company has an inordinate amount of technology to manage and maintain. Brent is the man for that mission at FabSuite.

Brent earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Christopher Newport University, where he studied both Political Science and Computer Science, while working at FabSuite and serving in the Virginia Army National Guard all at the same time. Brent has the experience and determination desired in high-technology industries. He has earned multiple IT certifications and enjoys learning about every aspect of technology. His technology talents run the gamut from system hardware to network administration to varies programming languages to multimedia design and web development.

When not working at FabSuite, Brent likes to give back to the community by providing graphic and web design services for charities and non-profits.

Elizabeth McInnis

Marketing Director

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Geneva College, Elizabeth moved from the cold state of Ohio to the warm beaches of Virginia and started working in the marketing world. After working as a Marketing Coordinator for a software company for over three years, Elizabeth joined the Marketing Department with FabSuite in 2016.

Growing up the country and experiencing cold winters has made Elizabeth appreciate living the costal life; Living within an hour of the beach is her dream come true! Apart from the beach, Elizabeth enjoys reading, visiting winery’s, and spending time with her husband and their Great Dane puppy.

Ranganai Simango

Accounting Manager

A native of Zimbabwe, Ranganai moved to the United States in 2004 and attended Liberty University where he earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration while also working at Chevy Chase Bank.

In 2012, Ranganai met FabSuite founder Bill Issler while working as the Stewardship Coordinator for the Office of University Development at the College of William and Mary. His financial background and MBA credentials made Ranganai a perfect fit for a growing FabSuite.

In addition to keeping the financial books, Ranganai manages many of the corporate activities that keep FabSuite running smoothly.

When not crunching the numbers, Ranganai likes to spend his time kayaking the waterways of southern Virginia.

The FabSuite Story

FabSuite is the result of founder Bill Issler’s persistent efforts to provide high value and technical excellence to the steel fabrication industry. Combining the fortitude and strength of character forged while competing on the gymnastics team that won several national titles with his strong penchant for standardizing operations and minimizing waste and redundancy, Bill envisioned a way to leverage the power of modern technology to address the business challenges he witnessed and experienced first hand in his work in the industry. After decades working as a detailer and technologist in steel fabrication himself, Bill launched FabSuite in November of 2000. In the years since, FabSuite has grown to become one of the most respected companies and software platforms in the industry.

FabSuite is located in Williamsburg Virginia and serves thrilled clients around the globe.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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