Here’s what some of our clients have to say about FabSuite:

“As a company, McCombs Steel seeks to utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage, and our partnership with FabSuite is central to this idea. It exemplifies the thought that software should work for the company rather than the company working for the software. FabSuite is constantly developing and changing to meet the needs of the client, and their commitment to our needs is simply unmatched in the industry.”

– Ricky Horton
McCombs Steel

Prior to becoming a FabSuite user, I used the other system for over five years. At first I was apprehensive about making the switch. After making the switch it only took a couple of days to realize we made the right decision. FabSuite is not only priced right, but it is also much more user friendly and will interface easily with other software.

All Steel Consultants Inc.

We used it from the start of our largest project to date, a 6,500 ton LNG import terminal. FabSuite’s production control program has allowed FSP to manage and fabricate material at an optimum and has supported our record growth. After much research of all the available programs, we found FabSuite to be the superior program. It was also the best value.

Fabricated Steel Products, Inc.

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to go back and do the volume of work we do without FabSuite. For us, not having FabSuite would be like not having a word processor and going back to using a typewriter.

Alling Iron Works

We shopped around quite a bit before deciding on Fabsuite. Frankly, nobody else came close to the value they offered for the price.

Parish Iron Works, Inc.

FabSuite…has allowed us to focus on customer satisfaction, has helped us help our customers. We see that through repeat business. We see that through their comments. They appreciate what we’re doing for them, and FabSuite is a big part of that.

Puma Steel

FabSuite is the single most important program that we own. High performance, easy to learn, easy to use, and amazing importing and exporting capabilities that save time and eliminate errors. Our Estimators love it! This program has it all.

The Berlin Steel Construction Co.