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  • Plate Nesting Integration

    FabSuite Now Integrates with ProNest

    ProNest integration with FabSuite eliminates manual steps which results in time savings, error reduction, productivity gains and gives your customers better on-time delivery.

  • FabSuite LT150

    software solution for smaller fabricators

    FabSuite LT150 offers smaller fabricators the exact same features and functionality as our full FabSuite version at an affordable price.

  • Remote Link

    access Information anywhere
    with our new tablet feature

    Increase productivity and profits by using our new Remote Link feature to access your FabSuite data anywhere in the world with an internet-enabled device. FabSuite Remote Link provides real-time access to fabrication information and reduces the paperwork that moves back and forth between parties in a fabrication contract.

  • Comprehensive Solutions

    building value with FabSuite

    FabSuite is a suite of comprehensive Steel Fabrication Management Software programs that can help you expedite and improve your speed and efficiency with regards to your everyday challenges that you face as a Steel Fabricator.

  • Increase Productivity

    with our video training

    Our video training series will take you on a step-by-step video tour of FabSuite, giving you a comprehensive breakdown on the capabilities and features of the program.

What Our Clients are Saying

"We're experiencing a 30-40% savings in shipping time by simply using FabSuite's Remote Link feature."

Kathy Parrish
VP & Co-Owner
North Alabama Fabricating Co.

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Try a fully-functional and unrestricted copy of the program free for 30-days. No risk. No commitment. Use FabSuite on your current jobs and see the difference our solutions make to your bottom line.

President's Corner

We believe that FabSuite provides the best value and the most integrated solution in steel management software. Sign up today for a free trial and judge for yourself.

Bill Issler, President & CEO

Steel Fabricators - Get Ahead in the Game

FabSuite Video Interview with NAFCO in Birmingham, AL

Interview with North Alabama Fabricating Company on how they're using the Remote Link feature of FabSuite to improve their workflow, reduce errors and increase production.

Remote Link is a web interface that gives remote access to view and update live information in the FabSuite database. It works with every modern browser as well as just about any Internet ready device like: iPad, Motorola Xoom, Playbook, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Meego, etc.

FabSuite is a suite of comprehensive Steel Fabrication Management Software features that can help you expedite and improve through Estimating, Project Management, Production Control, Combining, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Order Entry & Shipping.

Our model exchange feature allows Tekla and SDS/2 users the ability to seamlessly round-trip valuable information between FabSuite and the model.

  • Tekla Model Exchange (TME)
  • SDS/2 Model Exchange