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Remote Link

Reasons to choose us

FabSuite Remote Link is a web interface that gives users access to view and update live information in the FabSuite database. It works with every modern browser as well as just about any Internet ready device - including tablets and smartphones.

View status info
virtually anywhere....

With Remote Link project managers can view and modify the status information for any job. This can be used to see an overview of the project as well as drill down to find a specific part. FabSuite RL can also be used as an efficient method of recording the production and shipping status from the shop or the field.

  • Access to Drawing Files Remotely
  • Receive Material into Inventory w/ HEAT #
  • View Inventory Summary Totals
  • Search Available Inventory
  • Ability to Modify Inventory Locations
  • Better Tracking of Inventory in Real Time

Give others remote access

Permissions are granular so that fabricators can grant access to their customers and sub-contractors on a project-by-project basis. Thus, engineers, architects, detailers, etc. may view any information that they have been given access to - without having to install any software. Watch this video to see how one FabSuite customer is using Remote Link in their shop.

We're experiencing a 30-40% savings in shipping time by simply using FabSuite's Remote Link feature.

- North Alabama Fabricating Co., Inc.