Combining: Multing and Nesting

Combining is our term for multing and nesting of material. Multing is the function that combines the lengths of like material together such as wide flange beams, angles, flat bar, round bar, channels, tube steel, etc. Nesting is the function that combines like plate material together. In both cases, multing or nesting, the end result is to form the most economical cut for the material. Material costs and waste can be easily tracked using our Combining engine. These solutions will provide Requests for Quotation, automatically generate purchase orders, and reserve inventory for specific jobs all at the touch of a button.

Optimize Material Efficiently

FabSuite automatically imports Bill of Material information, revision details, and drawing images from any electronic CAD source. CNC files (CAM) + (DSTV) can be automatically downloaded from all CIS/2 compliant 3D detailing systems. Requests for Information (RFI’s), Change Orders, and Transmittals can be created, logged, and tracked using FabSuite’s easy to use document control system dramatically reducing the time required to maintain this level of information detail.


Determine Best Material Usage

The Combining module allows a user to determine best material usage by setting a range of filters including material shape, description, drawing numbers, and/or sequence data, just to name a few. This creates a powerful solution ensuring that each piece of material is properly purchased and utilized.

FabSuite - Combining


We shopped around quite a bit before deciding on FabSuite. Frankly, nobody else came close to the value they offered for the price.

– Parish Iron Works, Inc.