FabSuite’s Estimating Module gives you the accuracy you need to stay competitive and profitable in today’s market. This software simplifies and speeds up the process of preparing bids by automating the tedious and complex calculations involved in properly pricing a job.

Easy to Setup, Easy to Customize

FabSuite estimating provides unmatched takeoff entry speed by allowing each user to fully customize the layout of both display fields and data entry fields. Plus, FabSuite allows you to import a Bill of Materials from any electronic source. The estimating functionality also works with the Combining Module to optimize your material cutting for even greater savings!

FabSuite - Estimating

Submit Solid Bids With Confidence

FabSuite gives you the confidence of knowing that you have covered your costs and are submitting a bid that is solid, accurate, and competitive.

FabSuite is the single most important program that we own. High performance, easy to learn, easy to use, and amazing importing and exporting capabilities that save time and eliminate errors. Our Estimators love it! This program has it all.

– The Berlin Steel Construction Co.