Integration Partners

Meet Our Compatibility Partners

FabSuite is designed to interact and exchange data with various software systems. FabSuite offers interoperability with the following software. We consider them to be our valued compatibility partners.

Steel Solutions

ATek Automation’s Steel Solutions is one of the most advanced structural steel programs available. Steel Solutions is designed to import, view, edit, create, and export DSTV, DXF, XML, PDF, CNC, and Legacy files. Integration with FabSuite allows clients to view DSTV files within FabSuite saving fabricators time and reducing errors.

Advance Steel

Autodesk® Advance Steel software is easy-to-use and comprehensive software for structural steel detailing built on the Autodesk® AutoCAD® platform. Intelligent 3D modeling tools help you accelerate more accurate design and detailing. Help speed time to fabrication by automatically generating shop drawings and deliverables. Interoperability with Autodesk® Revit® software supports a more connected BIM workflow.


Controlled Automation specializes in quality machine design, manufacturing, and software for metal and steel fabrication. As well as new machinery, we are the industry leader in retrofitting control systems and remanufacturing structural steel fabricating machinery. All machinery and controls are developed and built in the United States of America.

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Design Data’s SDS/2 software solutions are a unique, discipline-driven family of software products that provide the construction industry with a more intelligent way to increase both productivity and profits. SDS/2 Software produces smarter models and diverse solutions that empower users to analyze structures, design connections and detail steel create the construction drawings.

Steel Projects

Steel Projects is a global supplier of production management solutions for steel fabricators. Steel Projects has been providing innovative technology solutions to enhance the productivity, efficiency and profitability of its customers by helping them improve their manufacturing processes for over 20 years. Steel Projects PLM is a unique and essential approach to increase your bottom line. FabSuite’s Inventory Control and Purchasing modules are now fully compatible with Steel Projects PLM.


ProNest has been an industry leading nesting software for two decades, offering best-in-class performance and reliability with a straight-forward, easy-to-use design. ProNest is also a component of Hypertherm’s Built for Business™ Integrated Cutting Solutions, providing support for True Hole®, True Bevel™ and Rapid Part™ technologies.


Infra-Metals was founded in 1990 intent on becoming the premier steel service center servicing the structural steel market. Infra-Metals the largest structural steel service center in the United States. Infra-Metals and FabSuite exchange steelXML data increasing efficiency and speed.

Radley Corporation

Radley Corporation is a full-service software vendor with a team of in-house experts who possess extensive knowledge of the structural steel industry. Radley software automates and simplifies tedious daily operations and error-prone, manual data entry by communicating scanned data and validating with FabSuite in real-time, streamlining operations from receiving through assembly and shipping. Radley has provided solutions for over 40 years to organizations looking to improve their business logistics processes.


Established in 1903, Peddinghaus Corporation is the acknowledged global leader providing innovative machine tool technology for structural steel and plate fabrication. Peddinghaus maintains four international manufacturing facilities to insure our business partners receive timely deliveries and superior customer service. With the strongest warranty, training, and service support program, Peddinghaus offers our customers every opportunity for success.

P2 Programs

P2 Programs specializes in software applications that use barcodes and other Auto-ID technology to track products and processes in an industrial environment. Since 1986, we have been improving the manufacturing process and warehouse operations for our customers. P2 Programs is the company with the knowledge and experience you should look to for answers to help improve productivity and your bottom line!

ShopData Systems

ShopData Systems has been servicing the steel fabrication industry since 1975 and offers a wide range of nesting software and products. FabSuite sends nesting parts and available (or orderable) inventory to Shop Data Systems for nesting. Shop Data Systems performs the nest and sends a result back to FabSuite so that FabSuite can order or reserve material based on this nest.


SigmaNEST is the leading CAD/CAM nesting system for programming CNC profile cutting machines. FabSuite and SigmaNEST share inventory information, and FabSuite sends parts (with associated plate CNC files) to SigmaNEST for nesting. The results are sent back to FabSuite and can be used for ordering, reserving inventory, and for creating remnants in inventory that can be nested onto in the future. When parts are cut in SigmaNEST, FabSuite inventory is automatically updated to remove the plate from stock and make the remnant available for nesting in both SigmaNEST and FabSuite.

Soft Scan

SoftSteel automatically produces the highest quality shop drawings from your 3D model, with the old-fashioned drafting standards often missing from the other detailing systems. Connection conflicts and clashes are resolved automatically, and all CNC and export files and reports are automatically generated.

Tekla Structures

With an ambition to multiply its customers’ potential to think and achieve big, Tekla provides an accurate, detailed, and data-rich 3D BIM software environment that can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers. The highly detailed as-built structural models created, combined and distributed with Tekla Structures enable the highest level of constructability and production control.


Voortman has designed, developed and manufactured machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries for more than 45 years. With international subsidiaries responsible for sales and service, they are a globally recognized supplier with thousand’s of Voortman systems installed. They continually develop their equipment range to enable them to keep at the forefront of technology and in step with any new developments in the market.