Inventory Control

Track and Control Inventory

The Inventory Control Module provides detailed tracking of your entire inventory, across all jobs and with real time updates as material is received and consumed in your workflow. This software tracks all the items in your inventory using standard steel nomenclature and allows you to reserve items for specific jobs, or return them to stock if they aren’t needed for a current project.

Complete Reporting Functionality

The Inventory Module maintains a complete history of your inventory and provides a wide variety of reports. You can print or view reports that show the quantity on-hand, the desired stock level, and the reorder quantity necessary to restore desired stock levels. The Stock Reorder List will notify you that certain items have fallen below the preset reorder level that you created. You can even revalue your drops, and return them to stock for later use while maintaining full traceability.

FabSuite - Inventory Control

Barcoding Traceability

FabSuite works with third party barcoding software and scanners to generate labels for raw material and allow for automatic removal of inventory when labels are scanned during production. This tracks the usage of each piece and maintains full traceability of the material.

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After much research of all of the available programs, we found FabSuite to be the superior program. It was also the best value.

– Fabricated Steel Products, Inc.