Model Exchange

Connect FabSuite With Your 3D Model

FabSuite Model Exchange allows you to easily round-trip model information between FabSuite and either TEKLA Structures or SDS/2.

Integration with 3D models

Export your model via a compressed XML file (with drawings, revisions, bill of materials, user-defined attributes & CNC information) that can be imported directly into FabSuite. After processing within FabSuite, a return file is generated that you can then import back into the detailing software. The model has been updated with the current status information and colorized accordingly.

Integration With Tekla Structures

  • Download Tekla Model Exchange (TME)
  • Install TME on computer running Tekla Structures
  • FabSuite TME functionality will be available within Tekla Structures
  • Works with Tekla Structures 2016i and later, and FabSuite 5.1.2 and later. Please note, there are also version-specific downloads for Tekla 2016 and prior.
  • Full documentation provided

Integration With SDS/2

  • No download needed
  • Export model using ‘SDS/2 Full Transfer’ feature
  • Import updates using ‘SDS/2 Status Transfer’ feature
  • Requires FabSuite version 5.2.5 or later
  • Usage notes provided

FabSuite is fast, concise, easy to use and integrates easily with other software. The support staff responds quickly, listens to concerns and creates solutions. NAFCO couldn’t be happier with FabSuite!

– North Alabama Fabricating Co., Inc.