Order Entry

Quick Quotes and Current Prices

Designed for our retail clients, the Order Entry Module provides service centers with a system to handle telephone or walk-in sales complete with quotes, invoices, and ties to inventory control. This gives the service center or retailer a system for tracking the sale in-house. If you sell steel from your warehouse or shop, the Order Entry program will help you work up a quick quote for a client on the phone or over-the-counter. The quote is based on the current price of materials, handling and cutting of material, taxes, and markup levels previously assigned to the client. Once accepted, the software will turn your quote into a work order, print an invoice for the customer, and reserve your inventory to reflect the material commitment.

Manage In-House Retail Operations

FabSuite’s Order Entry module is the only steel specific management software on the market to help you manage all tasks related to over-the-counter sales by allowing you to create orders, delivery tickets, and invoices. You’ll be able to create instant quotes, convert quotes into work orders, and integrate directly with the Inventory module.


Real Time Pricing and Inventory Availability

Immediately be made aware of available inventory for an over-the-counter request by running a Combining solution against an entered order. Set applicable price points for multiple customer types, automatically applying discounts or price increases per your parameters. Watch this short video to learn how one fabricator is streamlining their service center operation with Order Entry.


FabSuite…has allowed us to focus on customer satisfaction, has helped us help our customers. We see that through their comments. They appreciate what we’re doing for them, and FabSuite is a big part of that.

– Wade Lewis, Puma Steel