Production Control


The Production Control Module helps your shop manager efficiently route material and jobs through your production environment. Your shop layout is represented virtually within FabSuite, allowing various types and sequences of material to be routed to the most effective workstations.

Track Material Easily

All job members can be visually tracked using FabSuite’s production status window. This window allows you and your team to see individual pieces and assemblies, as well as entire projects or material across multiple projects, to help keep workflow for your entire shop running smoothly and efficiently.

FabSuite also integrates with third party barcoding software and scanners to save time and prevent data entry errors

FabSuite - Production Control

Route CNC Files Automatically

CNC files (when processed during import) will be automatically routed to their appropriate machine when prompted. This helps alleviate the need for manual data entry by your line operators and ensures that each piece is being fabricated as per the instructions in the 3D model.

We used it from the start of our largest project to date, a 6,500 ton LNG import terminal. FabSuites production control program has allowed FSP to manage and fabricate material at an optimum and has supported our record growth.

– Fabricated Steel Products, Inc.