Project Management

Detailed Project Management

The Project Management Module provides detailed traceability of important job and project information. This software allows you to manage all of the important contract information for your project, including Drawing Logs, Transmittals, and Requests for Information (RFI’s). With the Project Management functionality, you can organize all of your job specifications in one centralized location for quick and easy reference. You can also collect and store project notes from conversations, e-mails, and job site meetings.

BOM Import

FabSuite automatically imports Bill of Material information, revision details, and drawing images from any electronic CAD source. CNC files (CAM) + (DSTV) can be automatically downloaded from all CIS/2 compliant 3D detailing systems. Requests for Information (RFI’s), Change Orders, and Transmittals can be created, logged, and tracked using FabSuite’s easy to use document control system dramatically reducing the time required to maintain this level of information detail.

Our project management system is easy to use, alleviates lost information and is CIS/2 compliant.

FabSuite - Project Management

There’s No Need To Panic

Say goodbye to those familiar panic questions: “Where is that drawing?” “Was it sent to the shop?” “Was it sent for approval?” “When was it returned from approval?” The Project Management module eliminates these questions by keeping all relevant information in a centralized location, allowing the information to flow smoothly to everyone involved.

I can’t imagine how hard it would be to go back and do the volume of work we do without FabSuite. For us, not having FabSuite would be like not having a word processor and going back to using a typewriter.

– Alling Iron Works