Version 16.2r05 Release Notes

Improvements Included in the 16.2r05 Release:

This release applies only to the Version 16.2 product and earlier versions.
Do not install this release if you are running a version greater than 16.2.

  • CMB – When many tiny parts are combined into a single long bar a rounding error can cause that bar to become slightly over-allocated (resolved).
  • EST – The estimate extra cost breakdown (detailing, erecting, galvanizing, material) is now available to reports.
  • EST – Certain changes to the labor code formulas do not take effect in the labor calculations until FabSuite is restarted (resolved).
  • EST – If a line item is added to an estimate with a labor code (or estimate extra code) that calls for standard clips before that size is added to labor standards then clips will not be added even after the size is added to labor standards (resolved).
  • EST – Incorrect labor calculations when an estimate extra includes a standard clip and a quantity greater than one of that extra code is applied to a line item (resolved).
  • EST – Copy Job – Paint labor multipliers are not carried over to the new estimate (resolved).
  • INV – If an item is received, but not finalized, from a PO and then manually set to On Order then it can’t be set back to in stock (resolved).
  • INV – Transaction History Reports – Transaction numbers greater than 99,999 do not appear correctly on the reports (resolved).
  • ORD – The quote/order contact email address is now used as the default recipient when using the Email PDF or Email Excel options from a report.
  • ORD – Totals on the main order entry screen are not properly refreshed when the default currency setting and/or exchange rates are updated (resolved).
  • PDC – The performance of processing reports on very large jobs has been improved.
  • PDC – Inventory Part # input added to the cut list processing screen in FabSuite.
  • PDC – Gross Weight is now an available field for customized grid layouts on the select job selection screen.
  • PDC – Cut List Processing – Inventory stock is not appearing as available if the length differs from the expected amount by a fraction of a millimeter (resolved).
  • PDC – Shipping a part to an intermediate destination, then changing the shipping route to jobsite-only and shipping to the jobsite causes the material location screen to appear incorrectly (resolved).
  • PDC – Imports – Sequences can be updated incorrectly in rare circumstances when an assembly is in multiple sequences/lots and the sequencing is updated during the import (resolved).
  • EST/PDC – Company Standards – Import Options – Use as Production Code setting now includes an option to use the Assembly Description as the production code.
  • PRJ – Contract & Invoicing – Incorrect change order totals on the contract summary report (resolved).
  • PO – Overdue Shipment Listing report lists material(s) as overdue if the date promised has passed even if it has been fully received (resolved).
  • ALL – Attempting to resize the width of the last column in the grid while in auto-width mode causes every other column to shrink (resolved).
  • ProNest Interface – Compatibility issues with ProNest 2017 ( (resolved).
  • ProNest Interface – Some improvements to the inventory sync.
  • SigmaNest Interface – The full quantity of parts with the same piece mark are now sent as a single line item to SimTrans.
  • Peddinghaus – Raptor Interface – Options added to indicate whether the date/time and stock length should be included in the iDSTV+ filename.
  • Steel Projects Interface – Incorrect remnant weight being calculated in certain cases (resolved).
  • Steel Projects Interface – Requisition not updated properly when a nest is altered by the additional of a remnant (resolved).


Upgrade Instructions

Install this update only if you are currently running version 16.2 or want to upgrade to version 16.2.  If you want to remain on an earlier version, you should not install this release.

How to Download and Update to the Latest Version

Step 1: Run the FabLicense utility

To run FabLicense you can either:

  • From within FabSuite, select the File Menu > Run FabLicense
  • From your Windows START Button, select All Programs > FabSuite LLC > FabLicense
  • From within Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\FabSuiteLLC\FabSuite\FabLicense.exe

Step 2: Download the Update Executable

  1. In FabLicense, select File Menu > Download
    • The Company ID and Password should already be entered
  2. Click the Contact Server button
    • The list of files available for download will be displayed
  3. Select and download the appropriate update file
    • FabSuite162r05PrgmFilesUpdate.exe (make sure you select the appropriate version)

Step 3: Run the Update Executable

Special Note For Network Installations

Please run the new (downloaded) program on the server first, before running it on any of the client machines.

Need Help?

Do not hesitate to call the FabSuite Support Team if you experience any trouble updating your system.
Our Support Team can be reached at (757) 645-0914 or by email at