Version 17.0r02 Release Notes

Improvements Included in the 17.0r02 Release:

This release applies only to the Version 17.0 product and earlier versions.
Do not install this release if you are running a version greater than 17.0.

  • ADM – Internationalization – The date inputs may function incorrectly when the language setting has been overridden from the system default and the date format is set to dd-MMM-yy (resolved).
  • CMB – Global Edit – Incorrect values used when updating the category, sub-category, or sequence fields (resolved).
  • INV – Global Edit – Country of origin selection has no available options (resolved).
  • INV – Transaction History – Error filtering reports on the ‘Date (Received, Un-Received, TFS, etc.)’ field (resolved).
  • INV/REQ – Manual Combine – Add the sequence, lot #, category, and sub-category of the requisition items as available display fields.
  • INV/REQ/PO – Changing the shape input does not update the available dimension and length properties (resolved).
  • PDC/INV – After taking a plate from stock that was nested by external software (ProNest, SigmaNest, etc) the inventory barcode serial # is not transferred to the remnant (resolved).
  • PDC – Export Production Status to XML – Tekla Structures – Export fails for larger jobs (resolved).
  • PDC – XML Import – When the import field mapping screen prompts for a description for the new import field mapping settings and a description is entered that already exists then the prompt reappears without any explanation why (resolved).
  • PDC – XML Import – Error importing a file that updates the category, sub-category, or shipping route fields (resolved).
  • PDC – An import that updates a single assembly with multiple sequence changes can result in a sequence having a quantity of 0 (resolved).
  • PDC – Reports – Exception Report (Wide Carriage 8 Stations Max) report does not output correctly when the load # or destination filters are set (resolved).
  • PDC – Reports – Station Completed date filter restricts the station details reports to the correct parts but includes other completion records for those parts that were not completed in the date range (resolved).
  • PDC – If a filter is set for the TFS operation and that filter has not been used for running cut list reports then some parts may remain combined onto the drop that should have matched the filter (resolved).
  • PDC – Error opening a job when the display field list does not include the Quantity field (resolved).
  • PRJ – Drawing/Transmittal/RFI/Journal Entry – The right portion of the ‘Sorted by [field] in ascending/descending order’ text can get cut off (resolved).
  • REQ – steelXML Import – Dimensions read improperly in some cases for PIPE and PL shapes, resulting in the price not being updated for those line items (resolved).
  • PO – Shape description is not being shown next to the input when a shape is selected (resolved).
  • Inspection – Error inputting a Part inspection record (resolved).
  • Automated Events – Screen can indicate that the Remote Server service is not running when it is actually running (resolved).
  • Main Background – Still displays the background information when the option has been added to settings.ini to turn it off (resolved).
  • ALL – Excel Exports – If the file extension (.xls) is removed from the filename input of the save dialog then the file is saved with two periods: [filename]..xls (resolved).
  • Advance Steel SMLX Export – Export errors in rare cases (resolved).
  • STS Interface – Parts that have inspection failures can be scanned through production stations and loaded on trucks without error (resolved).
  • ProNest Interface – Added an option to automatically perform a cut list import as the first step in the inventory sync.
  • ProNest Interface – Several integration issues (resolved).
  • ProNest/SigmaNest Interface – The inventory import can make the wrong material selection when the grade is omitted from the file (resolved).
  • SigmaNest Interface – Several integration issues (resolved).


Upgrade Instructions

Install this update only if you are currently running version 17.0r01 and want to upgrade to version 17.0r02  If you want to remain on an earlier version, you should not install this release.

How to Download and Update to the Latest Version

Step 1: Run the FabLicense utility

To run FabLicense you can either:

  • From within FabSuite, select the File Menu > Run FabLicense
  • From your Windows START Button, select All Programs > FabSuite LLC > FabLicense
  • From within Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\FabSuiteLLC\FabSuite\FabLicense.exe

Step 2: Download the Update Executable

  1. In FabLicense, select File Menu > Download
    • The Company ID and Password should already be entered
  2. Click the Contact Server button
    • The list of files available for download will be displayed
  3. Select and download the appropriate update file
    • FabSuite170r02PrgmFilesUpdate.exe (make sure you select the appropriate version)

Step 3: Run the Update Executable

Special Note For Network Installations

Please run the new (downloaded) program on the server first, before running it on any of the client machines.

Need Help?

Do not hesitate to call the FabSuite Support Team if you experience any trouble updating your system.
Our Support Team can be reached at (757) 645-0914 or by email at