Version 17.0r04 Release Notes

Improvements Included in the 17.0r04 Release:

This release applies only to the Version 17.0 product and earlier versions.
Do not install this release if you are running a version greater than 17.0 (i.e. 17.1).

  • CMB – KISS Import – When a line item fails with a ‘Duplicate Mark’ error the rest of the line items in the file will erroneously fail with the same error. fixed.
  • Combining Runs – Drop cost calculated incorrectly for linear and plate material when it is priced /Item. fixed.
  • EST – Reports – Line items with a negative quantity that are priced from combining run pricing result in a positive cost instead of a negative cost. fixed.
  • EST – Reports – The ‘Estimate by Line Item – with Subtotals (Wide Carriage)’ report displays incorrect subtotals for ‘SU’ line items. fixed.
  • INV – Serial # screen has the ‘serialized’ box selected even if the item is non-serialized. fixed.
  • INV – The ‘PDC Remarks’ display field shows numbers instead of the correct remarks. fixed.
  • INV – TFS – Have the category, sub-category, sequence, and lot # carry over to any scrap/waste records.
  • PDC – Reports – Load # filter is not properly restricting the completed quantity on the master load list reports. fixed.
  • PDC – Imports – Importing assemblies with parts flagged for accessory piece/load tracking can result in erroneous import errors. fixed.
  • PDC – Production Status export to Tekla Structures – Shipping information is exported for parts assigned to a load but not yet loaded, throwing off the production status when imported into TME. fixed.
  • PDC – Piece Tracking – The part is flagged as having an inspection failure if any quantity of that part has a failure even if the specific instance number selected is not the one that failed. fixed.
  • PDC – Load Tracking – The part is flagged as having an inspection failure if any quantity of that part has a failure even if the specific instance number selected is not the one that failed. fixed.
  • PDC – Cut List Reports – Option added to company standards to allow cutting details to be split to a quantity of 1.
  • PDC – Advance Steel SMLX Import – Some material can come in with the wrong shape. fixed.
  • PDC – Advance Steel SMLX Import – Incorrect metric/imperial conversions. fixed.
  • PRJ – Project Summary Reports – In the PO section under the Received section, material that is un-received is added to the Cost value instead of deducted from it. fixed.
  • PO – Receiving – When receiving to inventory history the category, sub-category, sequence, and lot # values of the PO record are not carried over to the new inventory history record. fixed.
  • PO – Occasional ugly error message when the receive/reject/cancel button is clicked when there is no material remaining. fixed.
  • PO – It is possible to add/update line items on a locked PO by making changes to the inputs, selecting another record, and then clicking ‘Yes’ at the ‘Save changes?’ prompt. fixed.
  • PO/ORD – QuickBooks Export – Fails with QuickBooks 2009 and earlier. fixed.
  • REQ – Import Pricing from Excel – Fails to find the matching line items for shapes that have no pre-set dimension options, such as CO and SD. fixed.
  • REQ – Import Pricing from Excel – If the dimensions contain a double-quote character (“) then the import may not find a successful match with the requisition line item. fixed.
  • Project Schedule – Having assemblies in the job with a blank route setting throws off the percent completed for tasks with the production progress/complete status link. fixed.
  • ALL – Global Edit – The field names now match the user-defined input field names.
  • Address Book – It is possible to delete a firm when there are contacts being used by inspection records. fixed.
  • Automated Events – Peddinghaus Cut List Import – Event does not process a TFS. fixed.
  • Automated Events – Peddinghaus Cut List Import – If the iDSTV+ file contains a blank heat number then use the details of the material already reserved for the nest when completing the TFS.
  • Automated Events – Peddinghaus Cut List Import – If a file with a modification date/time less than the last time files were processed exists in the target directory then it is possible for some files to be skipped. fixed.
  • Steel Projects Integration – Several fixes and enhancements.
  • SigmaNest Integration – The inventory sync can send the thickness of the plate at an incorrect precision. fixed.
  • SigmaNest Integration – Nesting onto a remnant can cause errors in SigmaNest’s inventory. fixed.
  • SigmaNest Integration – The inventory sync can allow some remnants to get out of sync. fixed.
  • SigmaNest/ProNest Integration – HTML Inventory Import can come in with wrong grade. fixed.
  • Shop Data Integration – Error sending a nesting request to Shop Data. fixed.
  • STS Interface – Performing an inventory move that results in a line item being split can result in an incorrect quantity appearing on a subsequent location sweep. fixed.
  • API – TFSCut command does not correctly record the part serial numbers when the parts are not already flagged for instance tracking. fixed.


Upgrade Instructions

Install this update only if you are currently running version 17.0r01 to 17.0r03 and want to upgrade to version 17.0r04.  If you want to remain on an earlier version, you should not install this release.

How to Download and Update to the Latest Version

Step 1: Run the FabLicense utility

To run FabLicense you can either:

  • From within FabSuite, select the File Menu > Run FabLicense
  • From your Windows START Button, select All Programs > FabSuite LLC > FabLicense
  • From within Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\FabSuiteLLC\FabSuite\FabLicense.exe

Step 2: Download the Update Executable

  1. In FabLicense, select File Menu > Download
    • The Company ID and Password should already be entered
  2. Click the Contact Server button
    • The list of files available for download will be displayed
  3. Select and download the appropriate update file
    • FabSuite170r04PrgmFilesUpdate.exe (make sure you select the appropriate version)

Step 3: Run the Update Executable

Special Note For Network Installations

Please run the new (downloaded) program on the server first, before running it on any of the client machines.

Need Help?

Do not hesitate to call the FabSuite Support Team if you experience any trouble updating your system.
Our Support Team can be reached at (757) 645-0914 or by email at