Version 18.0r04 Release Notes

Improvements Included in the 18.0r04 Release:

This release applies only to the Version 18.0 product and earlier versions.
Do not install this release if you are running a version greater than 18.0 (i.e. 18.1 or higher).

  • CMB – The drop amount and percentage can appear incorrectly on the combining run results screen for plate-type material. fixed.
  • CMB/EST/INV/PDC – Switch Lengths/Weights/Prices to Metric/Imperial mode menu options have the wrong display if they are set different than the size mode. fixed.
  • EST – Fabrication Summary Alternate Report has an incorrect shop overhead amount. fixed.
  • EST – Copying an estimate does not correctly copy the job-specific accessories. fixed.
  • EST – Imports – Importing into an existing estimate when part numbers are in the file can cause the labor code of existing job-specific accessories to be reset to the default. fixed.
  • EST – Weld Maintenance – The “Switch to Metric/Imperial Mode” menu options do not have the correct titles when the estimating company standards are set to metric. fixed.
  • INV – When a combined record is selected clicking the New button leaves some input fields disabled. fixed.
  • PDC – Production Status – Error when the approval status field is shown and there are changes to the details of the line items. fixed.
  • CMB – The linear multing algorithm can utilize purchased material instead of an inventory length that would result in the same amount of drop. fixed.
  • PDC – Set Sequences – Filters set on the drawing log fields are not applied. fixed.
  • PDC – IFC GUID Import – Piece marks are not read correctly from some Tekla Structures Coordination View files. fixed.
  • PDC – Excel Import – The import can fail when the sequence columns are included, an assembly is listed more than once in the file, and there instances of that assembly after the first that are unsequenced. fixed.
  • PDC – SDS/2 XML Import – Remarks are imported incorrectly on bolts. fixed.
  • PRJ – Contract & Invoicing – The Invoices report does not properly restrict the records shown based on the Invoice Date filter. fixed.
  • REQ/PO – When the New button is clicked the grade does not carry over even if it is set to do so in the input field settings. fixed.
  • REQ/PO – Manually changing the shape of a line item can cause the grade to be saved incorrectly. fixed.
  • REQ/PO – Records are not removed from the display if they are updated in such a way that makes them no longer match the filter. fixed.
  • PO – The Code Code display field shows the cost code description instead of the code. fixed.
  • PO – P.O. # regular expression is not enforced. fixed.
  • Address Book – The selection for a firm’s primary currency lists currencies that have been deleted. fixed.
  • Connection Settings – Option added to the ‘Other’ tab of the connection screen to indicate whether or not to enable the replication connection.
  • Time Tracking – When viewing a previously-saved record the Station field is always blank. fixed.
  • Crystal Report Viewer – Fails to open reports when the Crystal Runtime Engine has been upgraded to SP21 or higher. fixed.
  • Filters Screen – Clicking and dragging anywhere on the screen result in an error. fixed.
  • FabSuite Go – Inspections – It can take a long time to save a new inspection record if there is a very large number of jobs in the system. fixed.
  • Nesting Software Integrations – Incorrect behavior for parts with instance tracking enabled. fixed.
  • ProNest Integration – ProNest 2019 is now supported.
  • ProNest Integration – Exporting a Nesting Request to ProNest now includes options for Rotating and Mirroring parts.
  • ProNest Integration – Error importing a nest into estimating. fixed.
  • ProNest Integration – Inventory sent in an .SNL file to ProNest now reflects proper quantities for each ProNest ID rather than lumping similar material together.


Upgrade Instructions

Install this update only if you wish to upgrade to version 18.0.  If you want to remain on an earlier version, you should not install this release.

How to Download and Update to the Latest Version

Step 1: Run the FabLicense utility

To run FabLicense you can either:

  • From within FabSuite, select the File Menu > Run FabLicense
  • From your Windows START Button, select All Programs > FabSuite LLC > FabLicense
  • From within Windows Explorer, browse to C:\Program Files\FabSuiteLLC\FabSuite\FabLicense.exe

Step 2: Download the Update Executable

  1. In FabLicense, select File Menu > Download
    • The Company ID and Password should already be entered
  2. Click the Contact Server button
    • The list of files available for download will be displayed
  3. Select and download the appropriate update file
    • FabSuite180r04PrgmFilesUpdate.exe (make sure you select the appropriate version)

Step 3: Run the Update Executable

Special Note For Network Installations

Please run the new (downloaded) program on the server first, before running it on any of the client machines.

Need Help?

Do not hesitate to call the FabSuite Support Team if you experience any trouble updating your system.
Our Support Team can be reached at (757) 645-0914 or by email at